Heliports within the U.S.: Care should be taken to place floodlights clear of the TLOF, the FATO, the safety area, the approach/departure surfaces, and any required transitional surfaces.

Heliport Directional Arrow Floodlight
Model 1100

Illuminates your landing directional arrow

Double duty
The Heliport Directional Arrow Floodlight does double duty. It illuminates the directional arrow to emphasize the yellow lights for an accurate approach and is one of the string of yellow marker lights in the arrow. One or two of these floodlights may be used in each arrow, depending upon the length.

No glare
A very bright sealed beam spotlight is mounted in the face of the fixture and an extension visor eliminates any glare. A red, omnidirectional lens is mounted on the top covering a 35-watt incandescent lamp.

Optically designed heat resistant glass lens
The optically designed lens has a high vertical angle and is made of aviation green, heat resistant glass. The lens is protected from damage by a stainless steel wire guard.

Easy installation

It has mounting tabs extended from the housing for surface mounting.


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