About Downing Heliport

Downing Heliport Systems was established in 1975 as the sole provider of heliport lighting. Downing's founder James R. Downing set out to change the industry by developing an approved lighting system that would allow safe landings at night. Developing and manufacturing this new type of heliport floodlight and his visionary thinking led the way for many helicopter operators to expand their programs into a 24/7 business.

Today, over 1600 heliports worldwide are equipped with Downing Heliport lighting systems. Our commitment to designing and manufacturing a durable, high quality product with meticulous attention to detail has become the industry standard. We work closely with pilots, architects and contractors to help design the safest, most cost effective heliport available.

Lighting System Products Include:
• Surface Flood Lights
• Perimeter Lights
• Flushlights (Recessed)
• Directional Approach Lights
• Beacons (Single and 3-color units)
• Radio Control
• Windcone Assembly
• Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI)

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