Downing Heliport Lighting System

The SYSTEM APPROACH was derived from the fact that all aircraft, whether fixed wing or helicopter, once airborne, must have a place to land. Fixed wing aircraft require large airports with long runways, taxiways, aprons, control towers and hangars. All airport lighting systems are integrated and involve hundreds of different lighting fixtures, each type being important to the whole system. Helicopters increasingly have to land at night, and they also need an integrated system, but their landing requirements are different. They land at slow speeds and at steep angles of descent, then stop and hover before landing. The pilot must see the ground with good depth perception in order to land safely. This means that helicopters require an entirely different and properly designed heliport lighting system.

The Downing Heliport Lighting System is a complete, comprehensive, coordinated, and Innovative lighting system, specially designed with the helicopter operator in mind. All of the visual aids in the Downing Heliport Lighting System work independently and together to make landing a helicopter at night as safe as landing it in the daylight. All of your heliport needs – from a single source.

Surface Floodlight:
Model 500
Model 700
Model 701
Model 702
Model 702 LED
Uniformly illuminates pad without glare.

Perimeter Light:
Model 1000
Model 1601
Model 1602 LED
Outlines the heliport landing area

Directional Lighting:
Model 1100
Illuminates the preferred landing directional arrow.

Model 800 LED
Visual Approach Slope Indicator.

Super Bright Locating Beacon:
Model 1701
Model 1800

Single Color or 3-Color Pulsing Beacon.

Obstruction Lighting:
Model OB20
Model OB21

Red light to mark the edge of buildings.

Radio Receiver Controller:
Model 1200
A remote lighting controller so the pilot can turn on/off the lights.

Windcone Assembly:
Model WC818 Series
Rooftop or Ground model used for indicating the direction and velocity of the wind.

Portable Heliport Lighting System
A Set of Portable Heliport Lights, complete with Surface Floodlights, Perimeter Lights, a VASI, and a Locating Beacon are packaged in a steel dolly type of portable carrying rack. It contains all of the connecting electrical wiring, connectors and junction boxes needed to complete one electrical circuit for the system. It is powered
by a small gasoline generator and it is assemble able in about 1/2 hour. It weighs about 250 pounds and can be transported either by sling or inside the helicopter.

Example lighting diagram showing floodlights placed outside the safety area boundary at a 4 foot elevation. This configuration provides greater illumination and better uniformity than placement adjacent to the TLOF boundary. The improved hood design of Model 700 Series blocks visibility of the floodlamps as seen from two or more feet above the TLOF surface within the TLOF area. This makes night time ingress and egress to and from the helicopter much more comfortable.



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Lighting System
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